Helping People Reach Their Full Potential


What are the most important traits you look for in your staff?

Employees who genuinely display qualities which we feel would be a good match for the individuals that we serve. The five most important traits that CSS values and believes makes a direct care employee success are flexibility, compassion, thirst for knowledge, patience, and commitment.  Flexibility is needed when an individual needs and schedules change. Compassion because staff must be able to acknowledge an individual’s delays but also recognizes his potential. Staff need to have a thirst for knowledge. The more knowledgeable staff are about the individual, the more likely we can achieve positive outcomes for person.  Staff must have patience as they are the role model, the teacher. Staff must also have a commitment to the individual and CSS to attend ongoing trainings, report to duty as assigned, and follow all CSS policies and procedures. We believe these traits to not only be important to us as a company, but to the individuals we are serving as well.

Describe the single most important service you provide?

Consumer Support Services believes the most important service that we can provide is assisting individuals with maximizing their ability to exercise their choices and preferences in order to achieve as much independence as individually capable. CSS wants to enrich each individual’s daily quality of life while also ensuring his/her health and safety.

What procedure does your agency want family/guardians/parents to follow if they have questions or concerns?

While family/guardians/parents can contact any member of management as needed, CSS prefers that questions be directed to the assigned site managers. If that is not feasible, CSS requests that family/guardians/parents follow the agency’s chain of command. The next step would be to contact the Program Coordinator, and this would continue to County Director and end with the State Director if necessary. Questions and/or concerns can also be emailed to our company website, www.cssohio.org.

How do I go about reaching someone if I have a problem?

A CSS staff person is on-call 24 hours a day, should you have a problem or questions. These numbers are given to the individual and staff so they may utilize them as needed. Back-up on-call supports are also available should this be deemed necessary.

Can I pick the staff that work with me?

We welcome all individuals and families to assist in the hiring process. Initially CSS will interview staff in order to assure they meet the following standards: screening for background checks, driver’s license check, proof of insurance, good references and the ability to work the hours required. From this point forward, we would be happy to assist you with interviewing the staff to work with you.

What type of transportation will be offered?

CSS will make every effort to provide transportation based on the individual’s need. A company vehicle will be assigned to this site but in the event of conflicting appointments, staff could also transport an individual in their personal vehicle.  CSS employees are covered by our corporate insurance policy should they provide transportation for the individuals. All employees are required to a driver’s license that is good standing, along with proof of insurance on their vehicle.